A bit of everything- Ballroom dancing, ‘Jurassic World’ and Girly Giggles

It’s now the last week of term, and with the wind-down in lesson planning I’ve been able to enjoy my evenings a bit more without that nagging feeling that I should be doing some work.

Every Tuesday for the past half term the boyfriend and I have been going to ballroom dancing lessons at Rosset School in Harrogate. I danced and competed for two years at university, and did beginners again with my mum last year, so doing beginners again with the boyfriend feels a little slow. However, it’s just so good to have my dance shoes back on I don’t mind too much, and to be fair he hasn’t danced before so apparently I cant really expect him to do a higher class with me… shame. Laura and Aidan who run Glitter Ball Dance Studios are brilliant and have a lot more patience for the slow retired couples than I do! It just makes me happy to be dancing again, and deserves a mention in my weekly roundup.

On Thursday evening we went to the cinema in Harrogate to see Jurassic World. The boyfriend has been like an over excited child to see this for the last few months and we were at pretty much the first available viewing. Despite never seeing the original films or being a big dinosaur fan, I did enjoy it. I love Chris Pratt and Jake Johnson who were brilliant in making it a film worth watching for the humour and acting rather than just the dinosaur factor the boyfriend loves so much. Unsurprisingly, the new hybrid dinosaur they breed escapes and kills lots of people. I mean, how does this place even exist when it’s such an obvious outcome? Anyway, it all does end happily with a massive fight between the dinosaurs, so I guess it’s all okay in the end and no doubt set up for another sequel. I did enjoy it but maybe not quite as much as the boyfriend, who is planning to go again and again…

Friday evening saw a night of wine, takeaway and girly giggles, which was just what I needed at the end of a long week. We discovered some of the best takeaway pizza we’ve had at Micklegate Takeaway on Just Eat, drank far too much and gossiped about everything before falling into bed at 3am. Not exactly classy, but a lot of fun. Next week promises to be even better and hopefully the sunshine will hold out for a BBQ and two birthday meals out… Roll on the summer!


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