Scarborough Sea Life Center, Lunch at Scalby Mills and Scarborough Castle

The start of the Easter holidays bought a long promised trip to the sea side. Our first stop was the Sea Life Centre which was just an excuse for me to squeal at the cute animals. We thankfully had a 40% discount voucher as it’s actually kind of expensive, but it turns out you can also book online and get a discount. Although probably more aimed at kids with some annoying spongebob treasure trail, the tanks are pretty cool and divided up into sections such as the jellyfish room etc.

20150330_125449However, the best part was clearly the fluffier animals. Scarborough does a lot in terms of seal rescue and they had a little pup they had rescued after being tangled up and injured by fishing lines. They also had a group of resident seals in a larger pool, with Bubbles as the reigning king. Bubbles has been put into an all male pool because he kept getting too many lady seals pregnant, and is just awesome for this.

20150330_123547They also have a walk through penguin section with a group of Humbolt penguins, although they didn’t really seem to want to come near us and just waddled around chilling by themselves away from the path. Still, it’s a pretty cool idea even if you do end up having to queue a bit due to limited numbers being allowed in at a time.

Another favorite of mine was Antiopi, the loggerhead turtle who is absolutely beautiful. Last time we went she was swimming around and showing off but this time she was just asleep at the bottom so didn’t really get to see her as much, but still a very cool lady. They also have a lot of smaller turtles in tanks which seem to be part of their conservation links with Greece, where Antiopi was rescued from. Other highlights included the asian short claw otters (also asleep but very very cute) and the stingray tank because I like the way they look like they’re smiling when they come up out of the water.

We decided to have lunch at Scalby Mills, the pub at the edge of the car park, which does very good scampi, before heading up to the Castle. I have English Heritage membership so this was a freebie for me, but it was only about a fiver for the boyfriend so not too bad.

20150330_145515It’s a shame there’s not a lot of the castle left due to the Civil War and German bombings during WW1 but it’s still a nice old ruin to have a look around, with a few outpost bits to look at like the roman signal tower and an ancient chapel. They also have a museum bit to have a look around some of the finds they have gathered from the site, but disappointingly their best find of a bronze sword wasn’t even there and they just had a replica.

20150402_194635The boyfriend’s favourite bit was definitely the mead tasting in the cafe, and we came home with a bottle of traditional mead after having a lovely chat with the American man working there. It is not really the best place to go on a windy day we found out, as there is very little shelter, but I still enjoyed it and can imagine it’s fab when there is an event on there. Overall, a lovely day out an great way to start the holidays!


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