The Sunrise by Victoria Hislop

I really love Victoria Hislop’s books, and this new one did not disappoint. The way she mixes brilliant charectors and stories with a bit of history and a clear love of the sunny settings makes her one of my favourite authors.

‘The Sunrise’ tells the story of three families in Cyprus in the 1970s when the Turkish invaded the island. The story is centred around the Sunrise hotel in Famagusta, which is directly affected by the fighting. The book starts off with Savvas and Aphroditi (my surprise favourite charector), who are the owners of the new hotel and you are gradually introduced to the two main families through Markos and Husseiyn who work at the Sunrise.

Despite the tensions of the civil war, the Greek and Turkish families remain together in the ruined city and you follow their anxieties and secrets as they unfold throughout the book. In some ways it’s a little slow and quiet as it follows ordinary people dealing with a difficult situation but there is plenty of drama and emotion in it to keep the pace up. It’s just the right balance of action but also hope and happiness, which works for me.

I absolutely loved it. Although occasionally predicable in places there were some good twists and Hislop’s style is gripping. I read it all in two sittings! I think the setting really does it for me in terms of escapism and does give me a massive travel bug to go to Cyprus, so I would definitely recommend it. I just wish she would write more!


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