A Charity quiz, Missoula Bar and the best Dance Show

I feel like a very naughty teacher having four evenings out this week but I think it was needed!

On Tuesday me, the boyfriend and a few people from work went to the York Ladies Circle charity quiz for York Teaching Hospital Charity. With 5 teachers on the team we came a respectable second place, despite naming ourselves year 7 bottom set… it’d been a long day!

Our hopes were only dashed by the odd selections in the music round. However, this was made up by winning an amazingly yummy lemon and poppy seed cake in the raffle, which was scoffed very quickly by the staff room the next day!

Thursday saw a group from work going to an NQT regional meeting, and basically having an excuse to meet other teachers, drink tea and gossip. A group of us went for a coffee afterwards to compare tales of what our pupils got up to, and we soon ended up going for a cocktail at Missoula cocktail bar in York. The most important thing to know about this place? It has 2 for 1 cocktails all day, every day… and they are delicious! Long Island iced tea is definitely the way to end the day!

By Friday I was really getting used to this, and myself and three other teachers decided to go out and celebrate Tash’s birthday in York. We made a much more boisterous return to Missoula, and then moved on to Lucia’s and Bora Bora for a bit of dancing! I had a brilliant night of cocktails and giggles, but Saturday was a bit grim I have to be honest….

Saturday night was amazing however. I went to school’s Gym and Dance show which featured ROBIN WINDSOR AND KRISTINA RIHANOFF FROM STRICTLY!!!! I have never been so excited in my life! They were absolutely amazing and beautiful and just wow at Robin’s hips! I am a little bit in love. More than a bit. It honestly has made my year. So I am finishing this week a very happy bunny!


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