‘The Kingsman: Secret Service’

The boyfriend and I went to the cinema this afternoon to see ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ at the cinema in Harrogate with the almost compulsory smuggled sweets from the corner shop burning a hole in my pocket. I really enjoyed it and the mix of gentlemanly suave of Harry Hart (Colin Firth) set against the painfully accurate chav of Egsy (Taron Egerton) in a cheerful and at times ridiculous spy film. It centers around Egsy, who’s father was killed protecting Harry on a spy mission but grows up a complete chav in London. Harry bails Egsy out of jail as a belated favour on behalf of his father, and quickly decides to enter him for spy training to become a Kingsman. He has to go through some tough tests set against the most ridiculous posh boy characters which he obviously does well in just to annoy them, and makes friends with Roxy, the only one of them who is actually normal and an adorable pug puppy named JB.

While this is going on, the Kingsmen themselves are investigating the kidnappings of hundreds of celebrities, which also seems to be linked to some kind of biological weapon. You quickly find the bad guy is a famous celebrity named Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson), and his sidekick Gazelle, who’s ninja style skills are hugely impressive. Without giving too much away, Egsy gets involved, solves the mystery of what is going on and saves the world, and then has sex with a princess at the end…. it makes sensee (ish) when you see it!

I did really enjoy it, it has a lot of comedy moments in it but also you see the more human side of the characters without it being cheesy- they are believable in a ridiculous story. Also, i rediscovered my love of Colin Firth, yes he’s aged since that Darcy in the wet white shirt moment but he was so cool he’s made it up again, and I can forget about the awkwardness of Bridget Jones. I didn’t really like the massive amounts of over-the-top violence and blood, but the film clearly didn’t take itself seriously at these moments so it was kind of forgiven. It’s hard to be serious when people’s heads are exploding in poofs of coloured smoke. Overall, worth going to as it was an all round good spy film with suspense, action and comedy. And fruit gums for me to nibble on.


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