An attempt at Geocaching

So in the spirit of trying to get outdoors a bit more and get fit, I decided to join on my brother’s recommendation. It’s basically a treasure hunt to find “caches” which are little boxes with log books and sometime prizes in. It’s very easy to set up an account and all you need is a gps enabled phone. Some people go all out with handheld gps devices etc. but you don’t need one to do the basic caches.

I downloaded the c:geo app for android. Yes there is the official geocaching app but you have to pay for it. The free intro one only has a few caches on it that you can access, while c:geo has all of them and is also free.

Basically it loads a map of where all the caches are around you, and it turns out there are absolutely loads near me. You click on one and it gives you details of what you are looking for and a clue if you need it. You walk using the gps to the rough area and then use the compass feature to narrow down your search. The gps on my phone isn’t great so it sometimes takes a while but it’s a great feeling when you figure it out and find it!

imageI’ve not been massively successful so far having only found 1 out of the 8 I’ve looked for, but I’ve had a good time doing it and was very proud of finding one of the ‘micro’ tiny ones! Some of them are ridiculously small I have no idea where they are- even though I’ve figured out the clue I just can’t see them. Others I don’t think are there anymore judging by the comments other people left on the website which is a shame. And once there were just so many people I felt like an idiot and abandoned searching in the trees very quickly! Anyway, I had a good time looking and feeling virtuous after a long walk out so it’s not a total failure… I’ll keep trying and will hopefully find another on one of the walks i’m so quickly discovering!



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